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I want to tell you my side of this. Only You. Maybe at this point it doesn’t matter

Based on actual events, True Story charts journalist Michael Finkel’s (Jonah Hill) discovery that convicted murderer Christian Longo (James Franco) used his name and identity when arrested. As Finkel agrees an interview with the killer he is drawn into the mystery surrounding him…


New York Times journalist Michael Finkel is dismissed from the paper for reported embellishments in his latest story, a stigma that will stay with him as he struggles to secure future work.


Taking time out (laying about in leaves apparently) at home in Montana, his wife Jill can sense his restlessness but confesses she never liked their life and work in New York city.


Until one day when a local reporter breaks the news to Finkel that notorious family killer Christian Longo has been apprehended in Mexico and used his name and identity. Bemused but intrigued, Finkel arranges to a meet in jail.


Longo confesses to be a fan of Finkel’s work and has followed his career for years but remains elusive about the case against him until they strike up a deal. Longo will tell his side of the story in exchange for writing lessons.


Becoming ever more engrossed in the mystery of the killing and this man before him, Longo hands Finkel an 80 page document containing all of Longo’s misdeeds throughout his entire life, leading the journalist to believe he is innocent.


When his day in court comes around, Longo pleads not guilty but is convicted in the face of over whelming evidence. To Finkel’s amazement, Longo winks and smiles at him and the penny drops. This psychotic killer has been playing him the entire time but things aren’t as clear as everyone may believe.

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