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For those of you who enjoy a simple teaser trailer or wish to avoid spoilers, look away now! The second trailer (or T2?) for the latest instalment to ruin the Terminator franchise landed and the film makers are showing their entire hand. Or are they…?

You can do this. You just go and don’t look back -Sarah Connor


The trailer opens with a very shocked and young John Connor taking instructions from his mother, Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke.

Despite everything, Skynet gains awareness and kicks off (again):


A scarred John Connor (Jason Clarke) has been prepped his entire life to lead the resistance against Skynet (again):


Touching on the timeline of the first Terminator, we see Kyle Reese (now Jai Courtney) being sent back to protect Sarah Connor. He doesn’t seem shocked that she no longer resembles Linda Hamilton. Crazy robots…

Come with me if you want to live…


Now, timelines and previous events have changed! Sarah Connor is awaiting Kyle Reese. And, she’s not been waiting alone…


And now the big reveal squarely splitting the audience; the new Terminator sent back to kill Sarah Connor in this timeline?? JOHN CONNOR! (say whaaat?!)


I’m not machine… Not man… I’m more

Seemingly able to disintegrate and reintegrate, those crafty ol’ machines from the future have sent back a scar less, upgraded, John Connor-bot in this film’s Coup De Grace.

Cue awesome slo-mo action sequences (what is it with San Francisco and the poor Golden Gate Bridge recently?):


An unstoppable foe (the clue to this Terminator’s downfall may well be in the magnets):


And a scene that has Arnie fans dripping at the whatever they drip from:

A blast from the past

It’s Arnie Vs. Arnie! BOOM!!

As a huge fan of James Cameron, this film fills me with more than a little dread after the bad taste left in the mouth from Rise Of The Machines and Salvation. The timeline has been overhauled previously to devastating affect and the exact same noises are coming from the Terminator camp; James Cameron gives his approval, Arnold loves the script blah blah blah. Only time will tell…

Check out the full length trailer 2 below:

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