Essentially James Horner (1953 – 2015)

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James Horner

Movie making is a collaborative process and whether it’s an actress, innovative director, experienced producer, visionary cinematographer or mesmerising composer, something changes forever when Hollywood loses one of its stars.

From The Drought (1978) to Southpaw (2015), Academy Award winning James Horner’s emphatic career has seen him compose and contribute in excess of one hundred musical scores and his work is as recognisable as anything by fellow greats John Williams, Hans Zimmer or Ennio Morricone.

Sci-fi, animation, epic drama – Horner turned his conductors hand to all genres but the 90s saw him cement his place as the go-to-guy for patriotic scores to rouse your spirits and tug at your heart strings in equal measure and despite the odd falling out, often collaborated with James Cameron, Ron Howard and Mel Gibson.

Ladies and gentlemen, Ramblin Entertainment’s Top Ten Essential James Horner…

  • Sneakers (main title)Sneakers (1992)

  • Apollo 13 (main title)Apollo 13 (1995)

  • Clear And Present Danger (main title)Clear And Present Danger (1994)

  • The CornfieldField Of Dreams (1989)

  • KoulikovEnemy At The Gates (2001)

  • Braveheart (main theme)Braveheart (1995)

  • Bishops CountdownAliens (1986)

  • Krull (main title)Krull (1983)

  • Aliens (main title)Aliens (1986)

  • Hymn To The SeaTitanic (1997)

RIP Mr. Horner, you shall forever be in the hearts and iPods of film fans the world over…

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