Trailer Breakdown

behind the latest blockbuster trailers to bring you all the information (and some guess work) you can gleam from it. The screen shots are mine, the insights are probably not…


The Aftermath Of War – A lone speeder cruises over a familiar desert planet past the looming wreckage of an Imperial Destroyer and is that an X-Wing? But this is not Tatooine. This is Jakku and you are witnessing the aftermath of the Battle that raged here after the Battle Of Endor…

A Familiar Voice – Luke Sywalker’s narration takes us through his family history and its alliance with the force. Interesting how he says “My Father Has It’ rather than had it…

Lost In The Clouds – Two things here that were lost in Bespin Cloud City; Luke’s right hand and Anakin’s light sabre, passed down to the next generation. And R2 is back!

X-Wing Squadron – The first action shot and a squadron of X-Wings swooped down over the lake as seen in the first teaser, with Poe Dameron clearly excited about something!

Tie Fighter Attack – At this point, Rey (Daisy Ridley) anFinn (Boyega) have joined forces as they run for their lives under Tie Fighter shot (top left corner).

The Big Bad – Here we see the new villain of the saga, Kylo Renn wielding his broad sabre as something burns behind him. Nice Sith cloak matched with welders mask.

The First Order – Our first establishing shot of the storm stroopers but as the Galatic Empire no longer exists, these critters are First Order Troopers. New logo, shinier suits and cool white Tie Fighters (background left).

Tie On Tie Action – A Tie Fighter (presumably hijacked) lays to waste a docking bay of a Star Destroyer in a taster of the amazing action sequences Abrams hopes to bring.

Je Suis Finn– We see our leading man with blood stains on his trooper helmet. He is clearly in some trouble but how exactly does he change allegiances?

The Old And The New – In these frame; new look Star Destroyer, Ct. Phasma, BB8 in the Millennium Falcon and the continuation of the chase from the first teaser.

New Alliances – Is this the moment our two heroes unite? Rey the scavenger and Finn the former imperial trooper..

And That Ending – In an exact replica pose, Han and Chewie are back on-board the Millennium Falcon where they belong. Sadly, one has aged better than the other…

View the full trailer below:


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