So here we are…

I. Love. Movies. And so do you. Whether we are film fans, movie geeks, cinephiles or good ol’ classic nerds we buy into what the movies are. It’s not just about the ninety minutes or so sat in the cinema, it’s the universe beyond that. It’s accepting that films are subjective and that guy who still enjoys Adam Sandler comedies is just as relative as you. It’s the never ending (seemingly life-sapping) debates; Star Wars Vs. Star Trek; The Godfather Part I or II; Why did Herbie actually go Bananas? It’s the satisfaction of informing everyone what the trailer is from the ident alone or understanding the relevance of the post credit sting in the latest phase 87 movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe…

I rarely agree with my mates when it comes to the wonderful world of movies. Some have legitimate points of view I may not have considered (just the other day I stumbled across a pro-Taylor Kitsch discussion if you can believe such a thing) and others are just plain crazy.

I read the world’s greatest movie magazine on the toilet, Cinema Blend at lunch and Dennis Lehane in bed. I want to absorb, review and discuss all things film…

So here we are…


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